I have very few pictures of myself that aren’t random shots with my eyes closed so… this is the best we could find.

Hi, I’m Erik.

Shoot, I always forget what I’m supposed to put here that will make you think that I’m WAY more interesting and worthy of your attention than I really am.

I’m just a guy who married a girl so far out of his league, it’s almost not fair. I’m a dad who has 3 beautiful kids that have opened my understanding of what joy really is. I’m a human being who is trying his best to figure out what’s important in life and how I can be a force for good in the world.

What I Do

Chief Marketing Officer
Senior Benefits Insurance Services
We eliminate the fear and confusion that goes with Medicare. I help people find out that we exist and understand how we can help.

Founder (5x Champ)
Man Games
A 2-day, 8-event test of athleticism and strength. You come with expectations of greatness. You leave having made friends for life.

Story Listener
Is that a real thing?
Everyone has a story, and I wish I could hear them all. If you have a cool story you’d be willing to share, send me an email. I may even make a blog post out of it. (soderborg.erik@gmail.com).

Book Worm
I read… a lot.
In fact, you’ll notice I have a page on here dedicated to books. Lists of must-reads, reviews of some, and general tips for finding time to read more books.

Amateur Writer
A way to make sense of the world
I write about the inner thoughts and feelings going on in my head. If you like what you read, you may be able to handle the real me in person. If you don’t… well… we’re all grown ups here, so we can roast each other online, I guess.

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