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Trip to Kaua’i – Part 3

Day 3 had some amazing adventures, including frisky snails, Wailua Falls, Poipu Beach, Hanger, and Da Crack.

Trip to Kaua’i – Part 1

Travel days are miserable, but we made it safely through ours. Learn from my mistakes when traveling to Hawaii.

How Erik got his man-card back

Some of my loyal readers recall my post a few months back that documented the emasculating purchase of a minivan. The van-buying experience was miserable because, well, I was buying a van… but most importantly because the dealership was a nightmare to work with.

Honesty or kindness? Pick one.

Sure, it wasn’t pleasant to be told that your tie looked ugly or that Americans are uneducated, fat, and lazy, but at least you knew what that person was thinking. I don’t remember backbiting or gossiping about someone behind their back because they’d say it straight to your face. If someone had a problem with you, they’d tell you, and you could tell them how you felt as well.

The most predictable ending of all time

Want to know the ending to every real-life story?

I need to warn you though, and this serves as the most epic spoiler alert ever imaginable, so stop now if you want to hold onto any hope you may still have.

You’re still reading?!
Okay, I warned you.

2020 Book List

I had a goal of finishing 2 books a week, 104 for the year. We finished 116. Here’s the list.

The Importance of Saving Face… I mean Grace… no Face

I witnessed something amazing today, and I’ll do my best to describe what happened in hopes that you find it equally amazing. The lengths that we humans go to in order to save face are incredible and fascinating.


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