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The most predictable ending of all time

Want to know the ending to every real-life story?

I need to warn you though, and this serves as the most epic spoiler alert ever imaginable, so stop now if you want to hold onto any hope you may still have.

You’re still reading?!
Okay, I warned you.

2020 Book List

I had a goal of finishing 2 books a week, 104 for the year. We finished 116. Here’s the list.

The Importance of Saving Face… I mean Grace… no Face

I witnessed something amazing today, and I’ll do my best to describe what happened in hopes that you find it equally amazing. The lengths that we humans go to in order to save face are incredible and fascinating.

How to read 2 (or more) books a week

I posted recently about my goal to finish 2 books per week throughout 2020. We haven’t completed the year yet, but I’m just ahead of schedule.

A kind reader commented asking how I go about finishing 2 books per week and I thought I’d share my strategy.

(Not good) Evolution since 1776

I just finished reading Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. This is the catalyst that inspired Lin Manuel Miranda to create the Broadway hit, Hamilton.

This book is absolutely fascinating.

What’s most important

They told me to work tirelessly, and forego all the play.

But then others told me that I must “seize the day.”

“Family can wait, more money should come first.”
Still others told me, “no, you’ve got those two reversed.”

Embrace the Sounds of Silence

Have you ever tried to sit still, in complete silence?

It is impossible!

My house creaks, the kids scream, the construction crews across the street are noisy, and I get it, your vehicles need to beep when you’re going in reverse… but are you ONLY driving your machinery in reverse? #stopthebeep

Being a referee sucks… and that’s life sometimes

Life is a game… and sure, you’re kind of player in the game… but you’re also kind of the referee… so this gets super confusing, but being a referee sucks… because half the people in the gym (your life) are convinced you’re making the wrong calls.


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