They told me to work hard and forego the play.
Then others told me no, you must “seize the day.”

“Family can wait, more money should come first.”
“No, my friend, I’m sorry, but you’ve got those two reversed.”

“Good health is most important to living a good life.”
“Woah, hold on, the real question is how hot is your wife?”

Who am I, and what should matter most to me?
Can I just pay somebody else to tell me who to be?

Gurus and leaders endless ‘truths’ will impart,
and all their fancy books are recommended for my cart.

Influencer photos with nothing real to show,
All throw out their advice saying, “trust me, I know.”

Who am I to doubt everything they say?
Yet here I am still thinking, “Who are they anyway?”

Life is a cascade of different kinds of choices.
Each getting more confusing with all these different voices.

Maybe they’re right. Or wrong. I’m really not all that sure.
But, who will I allow to guide my own life tour?

Is it God, Karma, or some other guy on LinkedIn?
Or am I all alone, and should give up on all this thinkin’?

By reading every book resting on my shelf,
Will I find someone else, while losing my own self?

So, for now, I’ll work, I’ll play, and try to get some rest.
While beginning to ignore what ‘they’ all say is best.

Maybe you’ve found what you feel is the right way.
Or maybe something you knew was true, somehow change today.

Don’t be offended if your words don’t instantly persuade me.
Hell, they could all be correct, and I simply don’t agree.

You may see this post, comment, like, and share it.
But don’t miss the point, I didn’t write this thing for merit.

These words are not some doctrine, inspired or divine.
But the one thing you must never forget,
Is that these words are mine.

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