If you haven’t heard Disturbed’s version of the Sound of Silence… you absolutely have to check it out. Song covers don’t usually blow away the originals, but this one does it. And I fully expect some hate mail for this view. Actually, I would absolutely love it if someone mailed me a physical letter with a disagreement… but alas… it will be comments in the digital world.

Life is nuts.

New job.
Planning the most amazing event ever (Man Games).
My obsessive reading habit.

Whew… it’s a lot.

But here is where I have found some peace that helps slow down the day and start it on the right foot.


Have you ever tried to sit still, in complete silence?

It is impossible!

My house creaks, the kids scream, the construction crews across the street are noisy, and I get it, your vehicles need to beep when you’re going in reverse… but are you ONLY driving your machinery in reverse? #stopthebeep

I’ve actually invested in a set of noise cancelling headphones… just for the noise cancellation feature. They arrive today so I’m super excited.

But here’s where the sounds of silence are absolutely wonderful.

Every morning, I wake up, at an hour that I won’t share, and listen to the silence around me.
My wife shifts in bed as I head to the shower.
I move as quietly as I can so as to not wake up the world that lives in my house.
The dogs get up and want food so their little claws click across the tile in the kitchen.
I brush my teeth and pause for a second, looking in the mirror (“hey good lookin'”). I can hear myself breath. I can feel my heartbeat.

I head to work. My drive is about 10 minutes down a slow, winding road. Right as I pull out of my driveway, I roll down the windows, turn off the A/C, and shut off the radio. Silence (sort of).

It is the sounds of this silence that get me amped for the day. If I pay attention, I hear sprinklers shutting off. I hear the subtle whooosh of cars on the road behind us. My engine purring.

As I make my way to work I hear more cars. There’s a fountain in the front yard of one of the houses I pass with water pouring down a rock feature. I can actually hear the tires as they roll over different parts of the road that have been covered with tar.

The smells are fun as well. I smell wet grass from the before-mentioned sprinklers. There is a taste of dirt as I drive through a construction zone (the perpetual reverse drivers). Some homes have beautiful flower beds and, if the breeze is just right, I’ll get a whiff of wonderful flowers.

I see trees, gardens, manicured lawns.
I see a slow-moving snake of cars filled with people headed to their jobs, probably just as groggy as I am, and I hope they enjoy it.
I see the majestic Wasatch mountain range that towers over the valley.
This drive is so peaceful.

During this drive, I’m not only noticing the sounds and smells, but I’m trying to connect with my inner self.

What is the plan today?
How are we doing, self?
How is life going?

I’m a religious man, so I take the time to pray while I’m driving.
“Are we good?”
“Where can I be doing better?”
“Hey, thank you for this. Life is something else, isn’t it?”

This 10 minute drive does wonders for my mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

I have many flaws. Just ask Caitlin. And they wander into my brain during this time, but they are quickly replaced with an overwhelming awe for the world around me.

Can I make a suggestion (or two)?
Find the time to embrace the silence.
Find opportunities to shut out everything else and listen to the things you take for granted.

Meditate, find your inner self, pray, connect with God, or the universe, or nature, or whatever it is that you believe in, but connect.

I’m telling you, the best way to connect with yourself, is to disconnect from everything else.

Life is awesome. No matter what anyone tries to sell you through fear, chaos, or manipulation… Life is precious.

Live. Love. Laugh. Enjoy this time because, as Macklemore once (several times) wrote,

“I wish somebody would have told me babe
Some day, these will be the good old days
All the love you won’t forget
And all these reckless nights you won’t regret
Someday soon, your whole life’s gonna change
You’ll miss the magic of these good old days.”

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