“Do people even read anymore?!”

This was the response I got recently when I mentioned that I have a bit of a reading obsession. I set a goal for 2020 to finish 2 books a week, giving me a grand total of 104 books read in a year. (I documented the results here)

I asked for recommendations on LinkedIn & Facebook for the last 10 books to finish off my list with the caveat that only life-changing books be recommended.

I needed 10, I got 50… then 60… then 70… now we’re at 89!

Since I now have a whole list of books to read, I figured some of you may be interested in a list of life-changing books…. so… here is the list.

Title – Author – Recommended by
Bolded titles are books I have read (and also recommend).

TitleAuthorRecommended by
1The Spy and TraitorBen MacintyreMort Jorgensen
2Good to GreatJim CollinsDevin Peterson
3SapiensYuval Noah HarariAndrew Merino
4The Audit PrincipalArbinger InstituteMichael Deru
5How Will You Measure Your LifeClayton ChristensenIan Shields, Mike Zahajko
6The Undoing ProjectMichael LewisIan Shields, Jack Saunders
7The Obstacle is the WayRyan HolidayJoe Chacon
8Ego is the EnemyRyan HolidayKyle Ivins
9Stillness is the KeyRyan HolidayKyle Ivins
10RangeDavid EpsteinKyle Ivins
11Leading an Inspired LifeJim RohnEtu Moli
12The Hard Thing About Hard ThingsBen HorowitzEtu Moli
13The Slight EdgeJeff OlsonEtu Moli, Aaron Livingston
14The AlchemistPaulo CoelhoJordan Hanks, Sam Christensen, Dylan Anderson
15When Breath Becomes AirPaul Kalanithi Lauren Colby
16Being MortalAtul GawandeLauren Colby
1712 Rules for LifeJordan PetersonLauren Colby
18Leadership and Self-DeceptionThe Arbinger InstituteLauren Colby, Mike Zahajko
19Bonds that Make Us FreeC. Terry WarnerLauren Colby
20EssentialismGreg McKeownLauren Colby, Laura Stewart
21UnbrokenLaura HillenbrandLauren Colby, Melissa Macleod, Rachel Ray
22Born to RunChristopher McDougallLauren Colby, Jeff Larson
23Natural Born HeroesChristopher McDougallLauren Colby
24The Way of Kings Brandon SandersonJonathan Slaven
25The Boys in the BoatDaniel JamesJordyn Parry, Chrissy VanLeeuwen
26The Day The World Came to TownJim DeFedeJordyn Parry
27The Year of LessCait FlandersJordyn Parry
28SeabiscuitLaura HillenbrandMelissa Macleod
29Think Like a MonkJay ShettyDrew Worth
30Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant MessiahRichard BachStephanie Cannon
31EducatedTara WestoverTobi Bishop
32Watership DownRichard AdamsTobi Bishop
33Enlightenment NowSteven PinkerJack Saunders
34The Righteous MindJonathan HaidtJack Saunders
35The Coddling of the American MindJonathan HaidtJack Saunders
36Something Deeply HiddenSean CarrollJack Saunders
37BreathJames NestorJack Saunders
38The BibleManyRyan Ray, Tom Burton
39The ApocryphaManyRyan Ray
40The NightingaleKristin HannahMia Sliwoski
41Born a CrimeTrevor NoahMelissa Macleod
42FactfulnessHans RoslingMelissa Macleod
43The Moment of LiftMelinda GatesMelissa Macleod
44The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn HardcastleStuart TurtonMelissa Macleod
45DuneFrank HerbertRon Case, Mike Zahajko
46Happiness Advantage Shawn AchorMike Zahajko
47Never Split the DifferenceChriss VossMike Zahajko
48Great by ChoiceJim CollinsMike Zahajko
49The Last LectureRandy PauschMike Zahajko
50The Book of MormonManyErik Soderborg, Tom Burton
51A Short History of Nearly EverythingBill BrysonErik Soderborg
52The FountainheadAyn RandErik Soderborg
53Atlas ShruggedAyn RandErik Soderborg
54Small Great ThingsJodi PicoultErik Soderborg
55Alexander HamiltonRon ChernowErik Soderborg
56Enemy at the GatesWilliam CraigErik Soderborg
57Why We SleepMatthew WalkerEvelina Petrova
58The 8th HabitStephen CoveyKat Keddington
59David and GoliathMalcolm GladwellMichael Ryan
60Moby DickHerman MelvilleCarl Ellis
61Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible VoyageAlfred LansingBogdan Gnatyshyn
62Atomic HabitsJames ClearPam Massey, Jeff Larson
63The 4 AgreementsJan Miguel RuizPam Massey, Reg Spittle
64The Innovator’s DilemmaClayton ChristensenTJ Lokboj
65PrinciplesRay DalioTJ Lokboj
66Cashflow QuadrantRobert KiyosakiTJ Lokboj
67American DirtJeanine CumminsLaura Stewart
68SiddharthaHermann HesseReg Spittle
69On the Shortness of LifeSenecaReg Spittle
70The Catcher in the RyeJD SalingerReg Spittle
71Peace Like a RiverLeif EngerPhillip Pay
72IshmaelKurt VonnegutHolly Ojalehto
73The Power of NowEckhart TolleHolly Ojalehto, Will Bowman
74Man’s Search for MeaningViktor FranklHolly Ojalehto
75I Know This Much is TrueWally LambJeff Larson
76UnscriptedErnie Johnson Jr.Scott Child
77Trillion Dollar CoachEric SchmidtChristopher Corbett
78The Promise to the OneJason HewlettMark & Kris Marshall
79The Lost Secret: Unlocking the Hidden Chapters of Napoleon Hill’s think and Grow RichMonica MainMark & Kris Marshall
80You are the GuruGabrielle BernsteinMark & Kris Marshall
81The Lincoln HypothesisTimothy BallardMark & Kris Marshall
82How to Win Friends and Influence PeopleDale CarnegieBrad Ball
83Americana: A 400 Year History of Capitalism in AmericaBhu SrinivasanBrad Ball
84CasteIsabel WilkersonLisa Bonta Sumii
85Be Our GuestJames Allworth & Karen DillonTom Burton
86Get a GripGene Wickman & Mike PatonTom Burton
87TractionGene WickmanTom Burton
88Value Proposition DesignerAlex OsterwalderTom Burton
89Extreme OwnershipJocko Willink and Leif BabinNathan MacDonald

What books am I missing?

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  1. Great list! For me, three life-changing books have been The Innovator’s Dilemma By Clayton Christensen, Principles by Ray Dalio, and Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki. – TJ Lokboj


  2. Nice list…Two I would add: Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse and The Four Agreements by Jan Miguel Ruiz. Alright, two more: On the Shortness of Life by Seneca and The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger. Thanks for the list.


  3. Can you share what your strategy is for finishing 2 books/week? I have found it difficult to hold myself accountable of a similar goal in the past. Thanks!


    1. Hi Rachel, I will absolutely share my strategy. I will likely make a quick blog post out of it and post it a bit later this evening if that is okay.
      The short answer is audiobooks and physical paper books. I’m usually in the middle of at least one of each any given day and then blocking out specific times to dedicate to reading.

      I’ll share more details, tips and tricks in the post this evening. Deal?


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