I had a goal of completing 2 books per week throughout the course of 2020, finishing 104 books if my math is right.

We hit the goal. In fact, we snuck in a few more, finishing 116 books (43,080 pages). I say we because it took a lot of help, encouragement, recommendations, and tips from Caitlin, friends, and you reading.

Thank you.

I wrote a post called How to read 2 (or more) books a week detailing how I went about finishing this amount of books over the past year.

At this moment, I don’t have time to give a review, but I listed the date finished, title, author, and a rating from 1-5 based on how they impacted me at the point in my life when I read the book. I also put the books with a 5 rating in bold for quick reference.

There are several on here that my readers listed as life-changing books that I may have rated lower than life-changing for me. That doesn’t mean they weren’t great books, just the wrong timing for me. There are books I read for the 2nd (or 3rd) time that used to be 5’s but are now lower.

Hopefully you enjoy and can grab a few to put on your to-read list.

2020 List

NumberDateTitleAuthorRating (1-5)
11/1GritAngela Duckworth3
21/9Fooled by RandomnessNassim Taleb4
31/11HypergrowthDavid Cancel3
41/11RangeDavid Epstein5
51/17NudgeRichard Thaler & Cass Sunstein3
61/19CashvertisingDrew Eric Whitman4
71/21This Won’t ScaleDrift Marketing Team3
81/25Inbound MarketingBrian Halligan3
91/25The Ultimate Sales LetterDan Kennedy2
102/2Predictable RevenueAaron Ross2
112/4Inbound MarketingBrian Halligan3
122/9The Price We PayMarty Makary5
132/12MindsetCarol Dweck3
142/15Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s StoneJK Rowling5
152/15Future BabbleDan Gardner3
162/19The No Asshole RuleRobert Sutton2
172/24The Future of HumanityMichio Kaku4
182/25OtherLifeJason Segel & Kirsten Miller3
192/28OtherWorldJason Segel & Kirsten Miller3
202/29Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsJK Rowling4
212/29Seven Brief Lessons on PhysicsCarlo Rovelli3
223/4OtherEarthJason Segel & Kirsten Miller3
233/5Something Deeply HiddenSean Carroll4
243/7ConcussionJeanne Marie Laskas4
253/11UnaccountableMarty Makary4
263/16A Short History of Nearly EverythingBill Bryson5
273/17Physics of the ImpossibleMichio Kaku4
283/20Small Great ThingsJodi Picoult5
293/22Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanJK Rowling4
304/1The Count of Monte CristoAlexandre Dumas5
314/8Blockchain: The Next EverythingStephen P. Williams3
324/16The FountainheadAyn Rand5
334/28What Matters MostChanel Reynolds4
345/1One Second AfterWilliam Forstchen4
355/3Adventures Beyond the BodyWilliam Buhlman3
365/6The MastermindEvan Ratliff5
375/9One Year AfterWilliam Forstchen4
385/13What Every BODY is SayingJoe Navarro3
395/15Treating People WellLea Berman & Jeremy Bernard3
405/17The Final Day William Forstchen3
416/5Atlas ShruggedAyn Rand5
426/7Radical CandorKim Scott3
436/9American SniperChris Kyle3
446/12Permanent RecordEdward Snowden4
456/16Fear: Trump in the White HouseBob Woodward3
466/17WhistleblowerSusan Fowler3
476/20Face to FaceBrian Grazer3
486/21Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireJK Rowling5
496/27How Money Became DangerousChristopher Varelas3
506/28White FragilityRobin DiAngelo1
517/3EducatedTara Westover4
527/5HeroMeg Meeker3
537/5DrivenLarry H. Miller3
547/8Economics in One LessonHenry Hazlitt3
557/9Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixJK Rowling4
567/125-Minute Spider-Man StoriesMultiple3
577/12Good to GreatJim Collins5
587/13FreakonomicsSteven Levitt4
597/16The 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleStephen R. Cover4
607/18The Power of HabitCharles Duhigg3
617/20The $100 StartupChris Guillebeau3
627/21Talking to StrangersMalcolm Gladwell3
637/225-Minute Marvel StoriesMultiple3
647/27Getting Things DoneDavid Allen3
657/30InfluenceRobert Cialdini4
667/30Start With WhySimon Sinek3
678/1Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceJK Rowling5
688/4The Sleep RevolutionArianna Huffington2
698/8Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsJK Rowling5
708/13Born to RunChristopher McDougall5
718/18I Am PilgrimTerry Hayes4
728/20Will it Fly?Pat Flynn3
738/25EndureAlex Hutchinson4
748/25Growth Hacker MarketingRyan Holiday3
758/28Crushing ItGary Vaynerchuk3
768/31Stillness is the KeyRyan Holiday3
779/4Crush ItGary Vaynerchuk3
789/7American AssassinVince Flynn4
799/23UntamedGlennon Doyle3
809/24Gmorning, Gnight!Lin-Manuel Miranda3
819/25Kill ShotVince Flynn3
829/26Enemy at the GatesWilliam Craig5
839/29Perennial SellerRyan Holiday2
8410/4The Logical LeapDavid Harriman3
8510/8Invisible InfluenceJonah Berger4
8610/17The Bitcoin StandardSaifedean Ammous5
8710/24Alexander HamiltonRon Chernow5
8810/27Your Money or Your LifeVicki Robin3
8910/30Permission MarketingSeth Godin3
9010/3012 Rules for LifeJordan Peterson 5
9110/30This is MarketingSeth Godin3
9210/31FactfulnessHans Rosling5
9311/1UnscriptedErnie Johnson Jr.4
9411/2The AlchemistPaulo Coelho4
9511/4The Spy and the TraitorBen Macintyre4
9611/6The NightingaleKristin Hannah5
9711/7How Will You Measure Your Life?Clayton M Christensen4
9811/10The Undoing ProjectMichael Lewis4
9911/11The Year of LessCait Flanders3
10011/16Enlightenment NowSteven Pinker4
10111/17UnbrokenLaura Hillenbrand5
10211/19David and GoliathMalcolm Gladwell4
10311/20The Book of MormonMany5
10411/20Never Split the DifferenceChris Voss4
10511/21Trillion Dollar CoachEric Schmidt4
10611/25DuneFrank Herbert3
10711/27Atomic HabitsJames Clear4
10812/10The House of MorganRon Chernow3
10912/13Love and Other Ways of DyingMichael Paterniti5
11012/15Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible VoyageAlfred Lansing4
11112/19When Breath Becomes AirPaul Kalanithi5
11212/20The Boys in the BoatDaniel James Brown5
11312/25SapiensYuval Noah Harari5
11412/26Leadership and Self DeceptionThe Arbinger Institute4
11512/29The Day the World Came to TownJim DeFede3
11612/31Think Like a MonkJay Shetty5
2020 Book List

There you have it.

2020 gave me a lot to think about, learn, and try to improve upon, and for that I am grateful.

What should be on my list for the upcoming year?

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