This year, the goal wasn’t to cruise through as many books as possible like it was last year.

I wrote a post called How to read 2 (or more) books a week detailing how I went about finishing a crazy amount of books in 2020.

2021 brought with it other passion projects that involved more video tutorials and hands-on learning, but we still got quite a few books in (and the year isn’t over yet).

I’ll add up the total pages read when the year ends and I’ll update this list as more are finished.

My ranking system is personal.
5’s usually mean that it got me to see the world in a new way, it entertained me in an unexpected way, or it offered what I needed to hear at this point in my life.

Many of these were recommended to me as life-changing books.

If the book you recommended wasn’t rated highly by me, can we still be friends?

I’ve found that when you read books – meaning the timing and circumstances of your life – impacts your feelings about that book.

If your recommendation is lower than it should be, it was just the wrong timing for me.

2021 List

NumberDateTitleAuthorRating (1-5)
11/2The Coddling of the American MindGreg Lukianoff & Jonathan Haidt5
21/5American DirtJeanine Cummins4
31/9The Moment of LiftMelinda Gates2
41/12Being MortalAtul Gawande4
51/13StiffMary Roach4
61/20Why We SleepMatthew Walker5
71/29Drunk Tank PinkAdam Alter3
82/6The Righteous MindJonathan Haidt5
92/10CalypsoDavid Sedaris1
102/13The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ckMark Manson3
112/17Midnight in ChernobylAdam Higginbotham4
122/21The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn HardcastleStuart Turton5
132/24SeabiscuitLaura Hillenbrand3
142/26GreenlightsMatthew McConaughey5
153/3Extreme OwnershipJocko Willink & Leif Babin3
163/8The Happiness AdvantageShawn Achor4
173/16OpenAndre Agassi5
183/28How to Survive the End of the World as We Know ItJames Wesley Rawles2
194/5The Power of NowEckhart Tolle4
204/7BreathJames Nestor3
214/17CasteIsabel Wilkerson2
224/21Eleven RingsPhil Jackson3
234/22Where the Crawdads SingDelia Owens4
245/2Bitcoin BillionairesBen Mezrich4
255/8The Man Who Solved the MarketGregory Zuckerman3
265/20A Random Walk Down Wall StreetBurton G. Malkiel3
275/28None Dare Call it ConspiracyGary Allen3
286/4Wealth, Poverty, and PoliticsThomas Sowell4
296/11Hate, IncMatt Taibbi3
306/18Lies My Teacher Told MeJames Loewen5
316/30Our Mathematical UniverseMax Tegmark4
327/9Human ErrorsNathan H. Lents3
337/15Know What Makes Them TickMax Siegel3
347/21The Only Negotiating Guide You’ll Ever NeedPeter Stark, Jane Flaherty3
357/23You Don’t Have to Be a SharkRobert Herjavec5
367/28Thinking in BetsAnnie Duke5
377/31The Theory of EverythingStephen Hawking2
388/8EnergyRichard Rhodes3
398/31The Personality BrokersMerve Emre3
409/22Tesla Margaret Cheney4
4110/18Surprise, Kill, VanishAnnie Jacobsen5
4210/21Billion Dollar LoserReeves Wiedeman4
4310/30Personal Finance 101Alfred Mill, Michele Cagan3
4411/5The Hiding PlaceCorrie ten Boom3
4511/6Everything is FigureoutableMarie Forleo4
4611/22LoonshotsSafi Bahcall4
4712/2The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the HorseCharlie Mackesy5
4812/11On the RoadJack Kerouac2
4912/14The Book of MormonSeveral4
5012/20Real vs RumorKeith Erekson2
5112/29The Innovator’s DilemmaClayton M Christensen2
5212/31Homo DeusYuval Noah Harari5
2021 Book List

What books need to go on my 2022 list?

Want even more book recommendations?
Check out my 2020 list

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