This is taken from the June 2022 Newsletter:

Book Recommendation

There is a popular show on Hulu right now called Dopesick. It portrays the opioid epidemic, specifically the company (Purdue Pharma) and family (The Sacklers) that produced OxyContin.

The story is devastating and unbelievable. I have several friends and family members who were/are impacted by this crisis.

Odds are, someone in your family and close group of friends has been as well.

If you’d prefer watching a cinematic rendition of the story with well-known actors, watch Dopesick on Hulu.

If you’d prefer to read or listen to a much more detailed account, including the history of the Sackler family, read The Empire of Pain.

I just finished this book earlier this month and it was absolutely crazy to hear about what goes in on in the pharmaceutical world. 

Words of Wisdom

This is more of a request from you.

I am in my mid-30’s, stumbling through life and trying not to crash into too many things.

I have been fortunate to have the life I do. My parents, siblings, wife, kids, friends, neighbors, coworkers and countless other people have made my life heaven on earth up to this point (knock on wood). But here is my question for you:

If you could go back and speak to your 35-year-old self, what would you share?

What advice would you give?
Would it be financial or professional advice?

Would it be relationship or interpersonal advice?

Maybe it would be more around outlook, perspective, or religion?

I’d love to hear your words of wisdom, if you are willing to share with me.

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