Book Recommendation 
I try to read a diverse collection of books. Last month had to do with YouTube, previous months have been biographies or sci-fi novels. 

This month – it is a novel called, The Oneby John Marrs.

Here’s the teaser… imagine a DNA test, much like the DNA tests that actually exist and show your ancestry, that will tell you, with 100% accuracy, the one person on Earth who is your soulmate. The one person, with whom genetically guaranteed to fall madly in love.

Would you take it? 

The book follows several characters who take the test with surprising results, and what happens to their lives and relationships. The book kept me interested the entire time. 

One subtle thing I appreciated with this book was that each chapter is pretty short, which I enjoy, because it’s easier for me to sit down, quickly knock out a few pages, and find an easy stopping point to pick up later. It also makes the story feel like it is moving quickly.

This has been adapted to a TV series that I will start watching tonight. I’ve said it in previous posts that sometimes it’s hard for me to watch film adaptations, but we’ll give this a go.

You should give the book a try. 

The One

Words of Wisdom

I know that in this day and age, exaggerated statements have become the norm. Commercials, YouTube titles, email subject lines… the grandiose has become commonplace. 

So, with that preface, and with all sincerity I possess, I can say that this most recent project was one of THE most incredible experiences of my life. 

I got the chance to spend time with a real-life wonder – Kay Croen. 
Kay is 105 years young – soon-to-be 106 in a couple months. 

She was born in 1917, in the middle of World War… I!

She let me sit down and interview her on a variety of topics including life in the early 1900s, The Great Depression, World War II, Pearl Harbor, and her secrets to living to 105.

She exercises every day (wait until you see her do her exercises on camera!).
She still drives.
She is, quite simply, an amazing human being. 

We spent more than 5 hours with her over the course of 2 days, so condensing all of that wisdom into 20 minutes was difficult, but we did the best we could. 

I have one favor to ask in this post for the handful that read this, if you’ll allow.

Please watch her story and, if you are able, please share it. 

Not necessarily this blog post (unless you’re feeling generous). More the video.
Whether that is on social media or to your friends/family via text or email, please pass her story along. 

Her friends asked us several times if we were with the local news, and they couldn’t understand why news channels haven’t picked up on such an amazing story here in our own backyard. So, we thought we’d try and spread her story as far as we could. 

Instead of me sharing my silly Words of Wisdom, allow me to introduce you to Kay. 

The Remarkable Story of Kay Croen

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